Friday, 22 March 2013

Friday blues

Strange day today. I have had the day off work to catch up with things. I picked up a couple of prints I have had framed this morning neither of them by me. One is a stunning linocut by James Dodds, an amazing artist from Essex, the other a set of 5 wood engravings by Eric Gill printed in 1929. I also dropped off a couple of mounted prints for the gallery to try and sell.

When I got back I thought I would go out to the studio and try and do some work. Try as I might I can't settle to do anything, I am afraid the dreaded 'Black dog' is upon me again, I have been in bad depression for weeks now, everytime I think I am coming out of it, it gets me again.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Target art

I am taking part in an art project being organised by the International Union Of Mail Artists (IUOMA) to produce artwork using targets found in a house in Texas. The idea is that members decorate them and return them to be exhibited. If you are interested in IUOMA there is a link to them on the side of the page.

 This is the used target that I received last week
 And my draft drawing for the print I want to use sketched out on the lino block
 Starting cutting
 Snug in the studio while it's snowing outside
 After about a days work the block is ready for printing, I now have to mix the shade of blue I want for the print.
The finished print on the target, I am going to add a little watercolour when it is day. I am then going to add a poem that our niece Bex is going to write specially for the piece.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Framed version of Poppies

Here is the final framed version of Poppies. I am going to try and get it into a local gallery for sale in the next couple of weeks.