Thursday, 28 August 2014


Framework created from Fine (99.9%) Silver

Enamels are added as a paste mixed with pure water. Pure water is used to prevent contaminants that can effect the colour and clarity of the glass.
the work is llowed to dry on the top of the kiln. This prevents bubbles being formed as the water boils off in the kiln.
Work is placed on a mica sheet to prevent enamels falling out in klin, the glass does not adhere to the mica

Work is fired at high (900 c) temp quickly
At high temp enamels change colour
after cooling more enamel may be added to build up the work where shrinkage has occured
Finished piece after sanding

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  1. I came over from your old 'Gary's Garden' Blog. Wondering what you do with the jewellery you make. (Blogging seems to have dropped out of your field of interests!)