Thursday, 21 August 2014

Enamelling pt2

Having created the framework the next step was to fill it with glass. I started by adding clear flux or clear glass suspended in water. Surface tension allows the mix to hang between the spars. the piece was then fired and hopefully the glass melts across the gap.
Framework being prepared on workbench

Piece being fired at about 800 C

Once the piece has had the initial firing coloured glass can be added to each cell and returned to the kiln. This is repeated several times until the desired effect is achived.

Piece after initial firing showing flux filling the cells.
The piece is then ground down to create an even surface and to remove any glass on the surface of the silver. It is then placed back in he kiln briefly to melt the surface of the glass to create a polished surface.
This was my first attempt at this technique and I am generally happy with the result and have learnt a lot that I will be able to use in future projects.


  1. I know you're not garden/nature blogging any more but thought I'd come over and say hello none the less.

  2. Hi, thank you, how are things going? I must update the garden blog sometime, lots been going on.