Monday, 11 November 2013

Silversmithing (pt3)

The first job I had to do on my box this week was to check the alignment of the bezel and to file a small mitre around the top of the box section. The mitre allows the solder to flow around the gap between the box and the bezel without it forming a raised seam on the top of the joint.
Once the bezel had been soldered in place I had to carefully rmove any solder residue (the brown stained areas in the picture), once this was done I again check alignments and the fit of the lid. When I was happy with everything I could start sawing off the excess silver, while being careful not to damage the box.
Once all the silver had been removed the lid was place back on the box and I could begin filing. The lid remains on the box while it is filed as the filing action closes the gap between the lid and the body, it also insures that the box will appear as one piece.

All that now remains to be done is to finish the filing and to polish the box.

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