Sunday, 20 October 2013

Silver Smithing course

 As some of you will know I have just started on a course in Silver Smithing at Central St Martins or the London University of the Arts as it seems to like to call itself these days. The course is designed to teach techniques that can be applied across all types of silver work.

The first project is to reproduce this, a silver box designed by the course tutor Linda. To make it require accurate measuring, cutting, forming by bending and soldering.

The first stage was to cut the blanks and to form the shape of the box using a mandrel. once this was done, checked, double checked it was prepared for soldering. To do this we raised 'Stiches' (small raised nicks of metal) in the flat piece of metal to hold the sides in place during heating.
Sections of the main body pre soldering

Once this was done we could apply Flux and cut solder pieces to the joint and heat the piece until the solder formed the joint

The piece was then cleaned in pickle (dilute Sulphuric acid) and remeasured. the Excess Silver was then swan off and the edges filed.
Soldered body and cut pieces at the end of day one
The piece is now ready for the next stage when the top and base of the box will be soldered on

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