Monday, 17 June 2013

Studio clean up and new projects.

I decided over the weekend that the studio needed a tidy up and as you can see I am nearly there, I just need to find somewhere to put my tripods and I will be happy.

This radical move had to happen for 2 reasons, firstly during the summer Bbq season the studio doubles as the garden bar. The second is that I am reviving a hobby from my distant past, jewellery making and silver work. As you may have seen on facebook I have applied for my own hallmark (something I have always wanted) and intend to make small pieces of jewellery as well as using silver in my sculpture work. I am currently working on a set of jewellery for Sharron combining silver and wood.

A benefit from this has been buying an oxy/gas torch for soldering etc, it has added another skill to my collection... welding. I have manged to fix one of our garden chairs that had rusted through, I am very pleased with myself.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your revived hobby ... love silver jewelry !