Sunday, 10 March 2013

Target art

I am taking part in an art project being organised by the International Union Of Mail Artists (IUOMA) to produce artwork using targets found in a house in Texas. The idea is that members decorate them and return them to be exhibited. If you are interested in IUOMA there is a link to them on the side of the page.

 This is the used target that I received last week
 And my draft drawing for the print I want to use sketched out on the lino block
 Starting cutting
 Snug in the studio while it's snowing outside
 After about a days work the block is ready for printing, I now have to mix the shade of blue I want for the print.
The finished print on the target, I am going to add a little watercolour when it is day. I am then going to add a poem that our niece Bex is going to write specially for the piece.


  1. Love your solution to this project !!
    Can hardly wait to see more. Will they be available to view at some point ?

  2. I assume they will be online at some point, when they are I will post the link.