Sunday, 24 February 2013


I have been looking at prints made by Edward Bawden and artwork by Eric Ravilious and Paul Nash in the last few weeks. This has inspired me to try and produce something in their style. I also wanted to experiment with a small (A4) landscape as I am planning a much larger print in the future. This print was also fun as I wanted to blend my own colour from dry pigments allowing me to get the exact colour I wanted, however being red/green colour blind it may not be the same colour you see.
Drawing sketched out on Lino block prior to cutting
Lino block during cutting. I use wood carving chisels to cut the image as these produce a much more defined cut than Lino cut tools
I mix the colour I want from raw pigments, I have to remember to mix up enough colour for an entire print run to ensure consistancy.

Applying colour to the block. I roll the blended pigments with clear extender ink on a glass plate.

Block and paper are placed in the press.

First test print
The final print will take a few days to dry. Once it has dried I am going to experiment with handcolouring the petals on he poppies.
I will then mount and frame them.

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