Sunday, 10 February 2013

Owl Linocut Pt 2

 The next stage in the Owl Lino cut is to start cutting out the image. Having marked up the block you need to remove the bits that will remain white on the print. I use woodcutting gouges for removing the lino, they must be kept razor sharp to prevent tearing the lino, to keep the edge on them I hone them constantly as I am working.

Removing outline border
Cutting the details of feathers

 Once I think I have removed all the Lino I rub talc over the image this lays in the cuts to make them stand out, you can then see if you have missed anything.

This is my first test print of the image taken with the ink still wet. I will now clean up the block and once the print is dry check it for any errors and correct them.

The print is about A4 in size and will hopefully be ready for sale in a couple of weeks

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