Thursday, 6 September 2012

Table Lamp

A few weeks ago we went for a meal in London and were rather taken not only with the food which was excellent but also with the decor, especially the lights. These were small pendant lights hanging on old style twisted braid flex. I decided to have a go at making something similar, but as we didn't need any new ceiling lights I thought a reading light for the living room would be nice.

I first had to make a suitable lamp shade

I took a large thick walled wine glass which I had painted with whit paint. to allow me to draw a cutting line on the surface.

Using a diamond saw I then cut the base off the glass. The saw I used was one I had for cutting floor tiles.  Diamond saws are very safe to use but as I was cutting glass i wore gloved and wore a safety visor in case of shattering.

I smoothed the rough edges with some wet and dry paper. It was important to make the hole the right size for the fitting in this case 2 inches.
I then attached the antique fitting. The fitting and the braided flex are both new not recycled for safety reasons.
The final stage was to attach the lamp to the stand using a piece of chain. The base was made from an oak base with spruce uprights. I made all the fittings from brass sheet
I made the uprights adjustable, there is a spring attached between the arm and the uprights to counter the weight of the lamp

It works !!


  1. Well done... this looks really good..I'd love to have one!

  2. Thanks Sue, I made it as a present for my wife. I hadn't thought about going into production.

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