Thursday, 13 September 2012


 The creation of my latest woodcut 'Avocet'

One of my the most beautiful British birds is the Avocet. It was also an ideal subject for a woodcut due to it's black and white plumage
 I have spent the last week making this work and took the first test print yesterday.
The first step was to sketch out an idea for the composition

Once I was happy I transferred the drawing to tracing paper

I then transferred the outline to the wood block. The wood is a block of lime cut from some 200yr old trees felled on the Burghley estate. Lime is a traditional wood used in craving and woodcuts due to it's straight close grain.
Once the outline was on the block I drew in the rest of the image.
I could then start carving the details. You will notice that there is a lot more detail than in the outline sketch. I find that as I start cutting into the wood I get a feel for how the work should develop, you also have to visualise the final piece remembering that the areas in relief will pick up the ink.

Once the carving is finished it is time to ink up the block. At this point you can spot any errors
The first proof print hanging up to dry, drying takes 2-3 days.

If you would like to own a copy of this or any other of my works please visit the work for sale section of this blog.

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