Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Wind Chimes

I was asked by friend if I Could make her some windchimes For the balcony in Trinidad. I had never made windchimes before so I thought it would be a challenge. When I researched how to make them I found it was actually far more complicated than I thought, the tubes must be cut to precise length to obtain a true note. Luckily I found a very good website they gave me the lengths that I needed and also the distance from the end of the tube to drill the 'hanging point' as this also affects the sound.

I decided to make the chimes from stainless steel this gives a very nice resonance when struck. The supporting structure is made from Perspex and the striker is made from a combination of Perspex and brass. To make the sail that catches the wind driving the striker I used Perspex surrounded by copper wire. The whole thing was hung on braided nylon fishing line. I made a hook from a piece of brass wire to hang the whole thing from.

The whole project took me about a week to complete however part of that time was waiting for materials to arrive. It would be great fun to make a larger one as the longer the tubing the nicer the note as you get better harmonics. I had to make this one reasonable small as it has to be transported home to the West Indies.

Drill holes in the support after cutting out centre hole.

Main components, Support, striker, and sail.

Chimes with hanging bars in place. Hanging in studio while glue sets

Finished chimes
Close up of sail, made from Perspex and copper wire

Finished chimes

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