Monday, 11 June 2012

How to create a Woodcut

The first step is to prepare a design. I like to draw a sketch to start with, which I then copy onto a fine Japanese tissue paper using ink.
I then stick the tissue face down onto the block using wheat glue. I find that as the ink is soluble I can peel the tissue off the block having transferred the image, you can also leave the tissue stuck to the block and carve through it.

You can then begin carving out the image, I use a selection of Chisels and gouges. The areas that you remove will be white on the final print so it is like creating a photographic negative.

Once you have finished carving you can make a test print, I love this bit it takes me back to my days in my darkroom.

I prepare the ink on an old tile and roll it onto the block.
The paper is then placed on the inked block and the imaged is transferred by carefully rubbing the back of the paper using a Barren.
The paper is then peeled off to reveal the final image.
The printed images are then hung up to dry, this can take a few days

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